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Convenient for you.  Transparent for your users.

Real People

The people who visit your site are not twitter geeks.  They just want information, and they want it on a standard website.

Convenient Updates

twitterSALT lets you use the convenience of twitter to communicate with your non-twitter users.

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Email, Craigslist, MySpace, BBS Forums

You can paste your twitterSALT anywhere, and have it update automatically whenever you twitter.

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Who uses twitterSALT?

bands, blogs, stock-gurus, stores, restaurants, church groups, schools, travelers, coaches, teams, clubs, & lots of regular twitter folk who want to reach out to non-twitter folk.
Check out what some of them have created.

What's a twitterSALT look like?

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<img src="http://u1.twittersalt.com/twittername.gif">
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